Whether for training, rehabilitation, or holistic improvement, BARWIS utilizes research and scientific testing to ensure that its family of clients are treated with the world’s best care. Though not inclusive of all that BARWIS offers, here is a small sample of how we aid our client’s recovery: • Cognitive Health Care • Sport Massage with a Licensed Therapist • ARS Screen (Mobility Screen) • Acupuncture • NICE Recovery / Cold Compression Therapy
At BARWIS, our mission is to help each client achieve their goals and maximize their potential. While many athletes know what is required of them on the field or in the weight room to improve, the demands from a recovery standpoint are less commonly
understood. Our ATHLETE RECOVERY protocols are designed and adapted to the individual to ensure his or her body can heal and make the necessary adaptations to training. Through the combination of recovery technologies, alternative therapies, and essential oils, BARWIS is here to make sure each client can recovery optimally and perform at the highest level.



Vibration Therapy


Blood Flow Enhancement