BARWIS Nutrition offers comprehensive protocols not only for the athlete, but also for those at home who want to better their lives. These protocols inclued classes, clinics, and individual consultations on healthy diet and eating habits, proper protocols for supplementation, and seminars on cooking and recommended supermarket budgeting. BARWIS Nutrition also has a complete line of professional-grade supplemental nutrition designed to optimize performance for all athletes working to perform at the highest level.


Revere offers plant-based nutrition designed to lock in your workout results. Each Pre and Post-Workout formula is distilled down from natural, powerful whole foods, and placed into on-the-go packets. You will not read an ingredient you can't pronounce. Simply mix with liquid and go.

Revere signifies respect. Respect for your health, your body, and the nutrients you use to fuel it. Most of all, we respect the routine: the hard work you put in every damn day to be the best version of yourself. We’re here to help you get there. And to make the most of that journey—to revere the routine.


Barwis Nutrition is a complete line of professional grade supplemental nutrition designed to optimize the performance of the world’s top athletes. Mike Barwis cut no corners in selecting the most powerful and effective ingredients to deliver the results that his professional clients, and their organizations, demand.

Through 25 years of unparalleled experience training Olympic and professional athletes, Mike and his team learned that elite sports performance begins and ends with rigorous attention to nutrition. Decades of researching the best and worst products on the market pushed Mike to develop an effective, cohesive line for his athletes. He’s now made this available to everyone who takes their training seriously.

Men's Journal Feature

You know a thing or two when you coach over 5,000 Olympic and Elite athletes across 42 sports, nine professional teams in 3 different leagues (including the New York Mets), and have 27 years of experience morphing eager collegiate athletes into athletic goliaths.

And sometimes you learn a thing or two, as was the case with Mike Barwis, C.S.C.S., CEO of Barwis Methods and co-founder of Revere nutrition who’s revolutionizing the way a verage men and women, as well as top-tier athletes train, recover, and, most importantly...

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