BARWIS Physical Therapy is the nation’s most advanced form of therapy focused on orthopedic issues, common sports injuries, and postsurgical issues, facilitating a comprehensive transitional program from injury to rehabilitation while incorporating innovative technology and practices. Additionally, on-site physical therapists can work with clients of all backgrounds, creating plans to synchronize the physical therapy of each individual with BARWIS Methods or Neurological Reengineering training -- reducing redundancies and maximizing the potential of each individual’s physical capacities. Currently accepting the following insurances: Medicare, Cigna, United, MedRisk, CareCredit, Self Pay
POPULATIONS TREATED Whatever your physical therapy needs may be, our licensed physical therapists are able to help you. Utilizing traditional techniques as well as modalities that are a part of the Barwis Methods, our physical therapists specialize in: Common Sports Injuries Orthopedic Injuries Post-surgical Rehabilitation Concussion ... and more!
FIRST-IN-CLASS TRAINING Our physical therapists utilize top of the line training methods as well as technologies. At Barwis Methods our goal is to get you back healthy and then improve your lifestyle & performance. Some of the cutting edge training technologies utilized in our program are: Halo Sport KAATSU Renew ECP Therapy

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BARWIS SOUTH FLORIDA (954)-449-0850 378 Hillsboro Technology Drive Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 BARWIS PORT SAINT LUCIE (772)-871-2123 525 NW Peacock Blvd Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986